Understanding the cycle or circadian rhythm

There are barely any individuals in this world uninformed of cycles. Few escape childhood without watching the patterns of seasons, birth and demise, day and night, full moons and new moons, sea tides. Birthday commemorations and week after week patterns of seven days. In the event that we believe that all we know is repetitive and cycles cover, we are correct.

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We reveal a person’s physical rhythm and this accurately shows someone the best and worst days for exercising. The Biorhythm shows you the days you can really push the limits of your workout and the days you may struggle or should avoid working out altogether.


Everyone’s Biorhythm reading will include a few very dangerous days each day we call “Critical Days”. These are days you’re most likely to experience physical harm and knowing these days ahead of time could actually be life-saving.


This offer has truly transformed peoples lives and we’ve even heard we’ve helped prevent potential suicides it’s so powerful. Everyone goes through life pretty blindly with no idea what tomorrow will bring. We help reveal what your days ahead may look like for the first time. When you know what’s coming, you can properly prepare yourself. When you’ve wandered off your life path… This is a roadmap with a shortcut to finding your way back.


Go to any casino and you’ll spot that one little old lady who means business… She’s not there to play, shes there to WIN and win she does! Odds are she knows something no one else in the casino does… Her biorhythm! We’ve all heard the expressions “You’re on a lucky streak” and “your lucks run out” Well, this actually helps show people the days they’ll experience a lucky streak and the days they should avoid any gambling. Members love this for casino’s, sports betting and lottery tickets


Free and Bargain Self Help eBooks

Will I ever find my soulmate? Is the person I’m with the right one for me? Is my celebrity crush compatible with me? These are a few questions members all have answered when they join and make this an easy sell to the dating and relationship markets. This is the only tool that understands compatibility is a flowing and changing thing.


This one is the most obvious and why I saved the best for last! Personal development, law of attraction, manifestation, alternative beliefs, numerology, astrology and so on are our bread and butter for this offer. It converts like crazy because this is something brand new in the space and compliments each of these elements without having to compete with them!

Free and Bargain Self Help eBooks