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Belgian fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft off Estonian coast – THE SVG ONLINE

Belgian fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft off Estonian coast

On Tuesday, the Belgian Air Force has reported that its fighters jets intercepted Russian A-50 Mainstay airborne early warning and control aircraft (AEW&C) and AN-26 transport plane while they were flying off the Estonian coast.

The interception of the A-50 Mainstay flying off the Estonian coast took place on Saturday the 25th and An-26 military transport aircraft on Tuesday 27th.

Russian planes were intercepted by Belgian Air Force F-16 fighters s and escorted accordingly.

NATO regularly intercepts Russian planes that do not maintain radio contact on their flights between the exclave of Kaliningrad, wedged between Poland and Lithuania, and the Russian mainland.

Last week, also was published a video taken by the Belgian air force F-16s based in Lithuania intercepting Russian jets over the Baltic Sea.

According to, the Russian jets were “maneuvering in international airspace overflying the USS Donald Cook, a US Navy 6th Fleet destroyer currently operating in the Baltic Sea off the Lithuanian coast”.

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